Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1975 Boler Special Edition

The end is near. The End Of The World isn't far away. Come this December we'll all be looking for someplace to live. I've got it all figured out. I scored a tiny home. And it's mobile if there's any gas left. I'm gonna stuff this thing full of bike gear, food, books, propane, solar panels, an iPod, and water. And surfboards. That's all I need. I'll need some wax, too. But that's all I need.

the big push

The last couple months have been crammed full of highs and lows. When I saw highs, I really mean lows. But when I say lows, I really mean really fucking low lows. I fucked up and waited too damm long to have my artificial hip redone. In my case, ignoring a bunch of everyday pain for so long was a bad choice. The result was the addition of a fist sized bone graft in my hip socket thanks to a cadaver. Think of it all as a sandwich top to bottom...my hip/bonegraft/new titanium hip socket and screws/new thin plastic liner/new ceramic ball/old spike down center of femur/femur. Good times. The healing process flat out sucked. Lots of bullshit physical therapy getting me nowhere except deeper inside the pain cave. Everyday, everything was painful. Usually I just fight through the pain and build some muscle, and maybe stretch a little and things start feeling better eventually. Eventually took 2 months. And that's today. But 2 months is just too long with out much adventure. I'm over IT. Time for change... Step 1....Last week I scored a 1975 Boler Special Edition, or The Escape Pod as we like to call it. I'm gonna camp for a few weeks. And ride my bicycle alot. Step 2...got a new jobby job in Reno, Nevada, so I'm moving there and starting August 20th. Stoked. 5 hours away from surfing on weekends. A foot in the door towards a return to Santa Barbara. Step 3...focus on ME, and fuck everybody else. Gonna get all jocked out and strong for a while. Need to get everything powerful just in case I feel the need to shred Tahoe this winter. Working hard now. Getting strong now.