Wednesday, December 28, 2011

non important news

This week in random sightings....

Bette Midler stuffing her pie hole at the restaurant.

Dale Chihuly working out.

Ton Hanks geting huge.

Mama Recluse at the Christmas Day brunch.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Nipple Tuesday

Every year we get a super random slice of celebrities from all over the world visit our little slice of Idaho. This winter I'm gonna try to remember all the famous, infamous, or even semi-famous people I recognize. Yesterday while building my huge pectoral muscles, John Kerry was also in the gym. He's the Vietnam Vet Massachusetts senator who failed to become president in 2004.

John Kerry's daughter showed her nips in a see-through dress somewhere along that election.

And then last night I waited on a dude named Evan Lysacek. Since male ice skating ain't my bag baby, I had to refer to the internets about this guy. He's the 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist and has won all kinds of other shit. He was also on Dancin With the Stars...yet another show I know absolutely nothing about.

Nancy Grace had a big ol nip slip on Dancin With the Stars....

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Animal

So picture this...I've been losing my mind while posted up on the couch for 10 days, recovering from the knee surgery, popping percocets, drinking NyQuil, YouTubing surf vids, and planning my eventual escape. A couple days ago, I added some gym time into the mix. Yesterday, after getting all yoked up at the gym, I'm fucking starving and focused on building the greatest turkey, ham, & avocado pita pockets ever. As I'm cruising down the bread isle and making my way towards the meat counter I'm face to face with none other than Nat Young...World Champ, Legend, THE ANIMAL(not to be confused with the young freckle face ginger kid from Santa Cruz). Nat Young goddammit. NAT FUCKING YOUNG. I know he lives here part-time and I've seen him around before. But I'm always a bit stoked to see him cruisin around away from trade shows and work related bullshit. A few years back, when I still lived in Santa Barbara and was here on vacation, I spent the day shredding a killer pow day with a couple friends, and some big tall Australia dude. We shooshed around the mountain all morning and it took until mid-day before I realized that big tall Australia dude I've been riding with was Nat. I'm not sure why I wasn't star struck back then. But yesterday, I had some sort of man-crush...or maybe more of an adventure-crush. My mind was spinning just imagining where all his travels have taken him over the years. That dude lived more incredibley stoney shit in any random 24 hour period during the 70's. My favorite surf era. It must've been so rad to be the first person to discover an Uluwatu or Petacalco then surf the shit out of it for weeks with just you and your bros. And weed. And psycadelics. I think I've found my spots to hunker down for about 6 weeks in spring and I'm getting stoked about heading out on an extended surf adventure. And who better to feed that fire than Nat. As I passed him I gave him my best cool-guy headnod of acknowledgement for his years of ground breaking surf/life/mind shennanigans from the good old days. Then I went home and stuffed my face and took a nap.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Man oh man was Facedildo and my phone blowing up today with scary shit going down on the Oregon Coast. I'm friends with this chick named Becca Cundari. I went to to high school with her. Her husband, Spencer was sweeping the ocean today when some broad right next to him was attacked by a shark basically in downtown Seaside. Apparently he slung her over his barge and swept his way to shore getting an incredible core workout and working on his balance. I'm pretty sure he's the dude holding the normal sized surfboard at :30 in the news video. The vid seems to be taken from 36 miles away so i's hard to see what's going on at all. Anyway, until we rid the ocean of these fucking devil creatures, this will go on forever. Sharks win again.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Driving back from Twin Falls, AKA God's Country.

The Brown Recluse Memorial Wing at St Luke's Wood River Valley Medical Center

There is no doubt that winter has us by the balls. The overnight temp is supposed to get down below ZERO tonight. Our mountain is up and running so it's been great to get outside, sit on some chairlifts, and stretch the legs a little. We're hurting a bit though. There hasn't been any major storms yet. We could use a big dump, cuz we're mostly running on man-made snow and it's getting a bit boring. Corduroy is rad....if we're surfing and it's stacked to the horizon. But with nothing but bitterly cold temps over the weekend, I guess I'll have to wait a while for some pow. This coming monday I go in for a little snip snip on my meniscus sending me to the bench on the injured reserve list. That means I'll have the next couple weeks to lay around and really focus on planning a spring vacation to Indo...and pill pop. It's looking really good for a couple weeks in motherfucking Sumatra and a couple more weeks in West Java. There's a couple waves I wanna surf down there. I also need to check out some orangutans, tigers, rhinos, and Krakatoa. Wingman needed.