Monday, July 18, 2011

mtn bike nationals

Ned Overend


Rebecca Gould...CHAMP

???...2nd or 3rd place

I've been a mountain biker again for almost a week...4-6 weeks ahead of doctors orders. And I REALLY hope I don't fuck this up. But I've been jonzin to ride the trails and get off the stupid road bike. Over the last week we've hosted the 2011 US Mountain Bike Nationals so there's been something like 1000 riders spandexing up and down our streets and trails. Superhot athletic mountain chicks as far as the eye can see realy motivate me. On saturday I stopped by the races and checked out the pro mens and womens action. Since I've ben out of the sport for about 10 years, I have no clue who anybody is...except for Deadly Ned Overend. That dude's 55 years old and still in the hunt every race. He must've gotten somewhere around 10th. So yah, I'm definitely getting after it more and more. Thinking about some shoulder pads for everyday use.

Friday, July 8, 2011

man down!

Poor Chris Horner. 25 kilometers is 15+ miles which comes to about a half hour of end-of-the-stage cycling. Dude got caught in a giant pileup, cracked his skull very hard, picked his shit up off the cement, grabbed his bike, and spun his legs real fast for 30 minutes and had no idea he'd crashed and chased the pack? Damm dude. Sad to see it happen to any of these guys, but this guys a LONG TIME STUD and was hoping he'd podium at 39 and win one for the old dudes. Next year.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tour de France forecast 2011

I predict:

-one of these dudes will crash and break his collar bone and I will not be able to watch the replay because I know the pain that said dude will have to endure.

-I will plop myself down deep in the Lazy Boy daily and lazily watch the coverage at least twice because I will fall asleep during the first time showing. This is the very same Lazy Boy I've been trying to get rid of for more than 2 years.


-I will get inspired and log a few more miles on my bikes during the month of July.

-Team Managers with shitty facial hair.

-people on FaceDildo report the events every fucking day, sometimes before I see the coverage and therefore stealing my thunder.

-I will yell at people on our bike path and call them "fucking idiot" and "are fucking kidding me?" or "nice work, dicknose" as they pull ridiculously stupid and dangerous (to me) maneuvers.

-Bob Roll pronouncing the word "France" as bad as Schwarzenggar saying "Caleefawnia".

-Andy Schleck winning the whole shebang after attacking on the first day in the mountains, and every mountain day after.