Monday, July 18, 2011

mtn bike nationals

Ned Overend


Rebecca Gould...CHAMP

???...2nd or 3rd place

I've been a mountain biker again for almost a week...4-6 weeks ahead of doctors orders. And I REALLY hope I don't fuck this up. But I've been jonzin to ride the trails and get off the stupid road bike. Over the last week we've hosted the 2011 US Mountain Bike Nationals so there's been something like 1000 riders spandexing up and down our streets and trails. Superhot athletic mountain chicks as far as the eye can see realy motivate me. On saturday I stopped by the races and checked out the pro mens and womens action. Since I've ben out of the sport for about 10 years, I have no clue who anybody is...except for Deadly Ned Overend. That dude's 55 years old and still in the hunt every race. He must've gotten somewhere around 10th. So yah, I'm definitely getting after it more and more. Thinking about some shoulder pads for everyday use.


  1. Bro,you need to write a book.I would definitely buy it!I'm living thru you.

  2. riding mountain bikes is okay, being a mountain biker is not.
    remember that.