Friday, April 30, 2010

Tortilla Soup>Penis Washing LIVE!

Untitled from Brown Recluse on Vimeo.

Early one afternoon, a slothy member of our group decided it was best to knock back 15 Pacificos, countless margaritas and a shit ton Mexican Marlboros. He shall remain the anonymous. Anywho, Brian Bybee also really likes tortilla soup at the Burro Boracho, so we tried to roust him to rallye over there with us later that evening. There wasn't much movement over in Bybee's vacinity. Not much stirring. Around this time, Jimmy decided to grab the geetar and sing him awake Tom Bodet/blues style.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Analgen Gel

My neck. My back. My neck and my back. My shit was needing a soothing. After a couple days of paddling, my crap bursitis shoulder was feeling fucked. So Bybs turned me onto the ANALGEN. Best name ever for a product. The housekeeper in Mex thought I was a homo. But it works wonders. Sitting here back at my desk, my shoulder is jacked and my neck is kinked. So I slather on some ANALgen. Mmmmm. MMmmmm. Good.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Octafish from Brown Recluse on Vimeo.

We were all a little hungover and decided to just load up the rig and drive up the beach to a little rivermouth/reef. We had the place to ourselves. I got to take out the 6'1" Bonzer 5-fin Octafish out for a test spin. Going left is a new thing for me since we only have rights around hyar. But I fucking loved it. I'm finally off the single fin for a while.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't hassle me I'm local

If the mellow mexi pills, stingrays, pufferfish, Check Point Charlie, Alaska Bro, blastitis, scorpions, or Federales can't kill me, maybe the delicious ribs will. Here's the crew (via Byb's lil Canon) about to get our swine flu on. I got home last night at 11 and as soon as I get my shit together I'll find a minute to edit up some crap.

Friday, April 9, 2010

and away we goooooo

My head's about to explode I'm soooo stoked for the start of manana's vacation. It's overdue, man. I just fucking hate working in general. I know...EVERYBODY hates working. Well, I can guarantee that I hate it more than the average retard. I like none of it except the paychecks, Facebooking, blogging, industry bro deals, watching contests on-the-clock, surf shop chicks, and paid vacations. I'm an elite level vacationer and take that shit seriously. I can't wait to step away for a couple weeks and do nothing but surf. I promise you that there will be no touring of local points of interest or sightseeing. There will definitely be fires, booze, bronzing, and some smoking. Mostly it's surfing till my arms fall off every single day. Rubbing up against a female human native would be nice, but who are we fooling...with this face?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

can't you smell that smell

Living without TV sucks the high hog. For example, today i get my teeth cleaned and don't have time during the lunch freedom break for real food. So stop by Taco Smell for a quikie. Up in bright beautiful pics they're advertizing the Bacon Ranch Somthing and I'm a buyin. Fuck, it's got bacon, how can you go wrong? This thing is INCREDI, brothas and sistas. I mean, their bacon product tastes more like bacon than real bacon. Drizzle on some ranch dressing, add a couple chucks of other meats and 1 square inch of lettuce and you've got yourself the perfect meal. We shoulda fed it to our astronauts instead of that shitty Tang crap. We'd be dominating the galaxy by now and making Mars our bitch. If I had motherfucking TV, I would have been marketed to properly and I woulda seen this superfood weeks ago. Viva la Taco Bell.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

spaced age grafitti

Over the years, I've worked with some funny, weird warehouse monkeys. Our warehouse peeps back in the day were some twisted fucks. I never met them, but they left all kinds of hilarious warehouse grafitti. Love this shit. It was built using fax machines, whiteout, tape, and scissors. Not digi cams and photoshop. This shit took serious on-the-clock time to create.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Well, we yanked my stitches out yesterday. I should have another scar once this is all said and done. And just a wee bit lighter in the wallet. My insurance takes another beating. I'm disfigured, but stoked I still have my left eyeball. 2 inches north and I'd be wearing an eye patch. You can bet I won't be as generous with people sharing my waves.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The New Edition

Thanks to a nice little purchase from Shelter Surf Shop, 2 outta 3 boards have been selected for next week's tropical vacation into a war zone. I scored a 6'1" Campbell Brothers Octafish in a beautiful, manly blue color. Similar to baby blue only more virile and powerful. I'll be killing dolphins with my bottom turns. I hope to give it a test spin this weekend or sometime next week. Obviously, the other board in the pic is my old stand by, 6'5" CI Single Fin. It's soulful because Rob Machado rides one. It's got a True Ames flex fin and I really love crankin big ol bottom turns and feelin the snap back into the face. Sometimes I get so stoked by that feeling, that I lose myself in the moment and have to remind myself to whip another turn around. The 3rd board that I'll take will either be my double hipped Lovelace or the 2+1 Diamond Tail shitthing that I personally shaped. Rode both a few times, but not enough to really bond with em. Tough call.