Friday, April 9, 2010

and away we goooooo

My head's about to explode I'm soooo stoked for the start of manana's vacation. It's overdue, man. I just fucking hate working in general. I know...EVERYBODY hates working. Well, I can guarantee that I hate it more than the average retard. I like none of it except the paychecks, Facebooking, blogging, industry bro deals, watching contests on-the-clock, surf shop chicks, and paid vacations. I'm an elite level vacationer and take that shit seriously. I can't wait to step away for a couple weeks and do nothing but surf. I promise you that there will be no touring of local points of interest or sightseeing. There will definitely be fires, booze, bronzing, and some smoking. Mostly it's surfing till my arms fall off every single day. Rubbing up against a female human native would be nice, but who are we fooling...with this face?