Friday, April 2, 2010

The New Edition

Thanks to a nice little purchase from Shelter Surf Shop, 2 outta 3 boards have been selected for next week's tropical vacation into a war zone. I scored a 6'1" Campbell Brothers Octafish in a beautiful, manly blue color. Similar to baby blue only more virile and powerful. I'll be killing dolphins with my bottom turns. I hope to give it a test spin this weekend or sometime next week. Obviously, the other board in the pic is my old stand by, 6'5" CI Single Fin. It's soulful because Rob Machado rides one. It's got a True Ames flex fin and I really love crankin big ol bottom turns and feelin the snap back into the face. Sometimes I get so stoked by that feeling, that I lose myself in the moment and have to remind myself to whip another turn around. The 3rd board that I'll take will either be my double hipped Lovelace or the 2+1 Diamond Tail shitthing that I personally shaped. Rode both a few times, but not enough to really bond with em. Tough call.


  1. thats a state of the art television bud...

  2. Your girlfriend must be cool w/ you living in a storage room. Oh, wait.........

  3. Go fuck yourselves.
    I'm surfing mexico for 2 weeks.
    More important than TV's and va jay jay right now. any ladies out there reading this, just kidding.