Monday, March 29, 2010

Passover Status Report

Way back in January 2010, I was claiming all kinds of New Hefe shit. I was gonna be big and strong, not broken down and gimpy. At the risk of jinxing my shit, I'm gonna have to far so good. Here's the rundown, north to south....

The neck is nice.
The right shoulder has some bursitis issues that might get cortizone'd later.
The back's all strong and stable.
The relating sciatica is gone.
The legs are geting stronger.
The right knee is a little troubling, but not bad enough to whine at a doctor.
The left fake hip is great, no problemo there.
The left big toe's gout-like bullshit showed up briefly last week, but disappeared just as fast.
With the exception of my face and random staph infections, all systems are GO for the Mexican Pharmaceutical and Slash Fest in 2 weeks. Just fine tuning the quiver is left.


  1. that shack just needs a little bit of labor... definitely livable.

  2. I was wondering why you made mention to your face. Then I scrolled down. Well . . . damn!! Feel better soon!