Friday, March 12, 2010


That last week of wind of stirred up some ice cubes and brought down the water temps to the Cold As Fuck range. My shit was freezing last night. I thought I was being a big crysack as I was sqeezing into the 4/3 in the porking lot. Felt like it was little overkill. El Nino's been keeping it super warm all winter. I haven't needed anything more than the 3/2. Lots of days I could've gotten away with a spring suit. I slapped on the booties and waddled out. Lots of fun, lots of pockets. I needed every bit of that neoprene to keep my grissle warm. I was defintely NOT toasty. Hands were actually cramping into useless, shovel-like structures. Water temps in the low 50's are uncommon around there parts. Use the purple wax. Hope it warms up soon so we can jump back in the three/two and get to yelling at folks properly.


  1. It is so fucking cold now that all of that wind did all of that upwelling. I had to swim for the board a few times yesterday. Now THAT was painful. My skull got cold!! And my 4/3 wasn't even keeping me warm enough. I hate spring waves, but I welcome some warmer weather.