Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fit or fat

Recently, it's been super easy to point out the shit that pisses me off or disgusts me. The innernets been blowing up with tales of idiots and assholes. Now comes this epitome of why the world hates America. This Donna Simpson broad has the goal is to be the fattest, sweatiest, ugliest, laziest piece of shit ever. We're all disgusted. If you're not, you should be you sick twisted swine. She's got more fat between her teeth than the entire wretched nation of Haiti. But I gotta like her gumption. Donna's stuffing her piehole with everything she can get her stumpy little mitts on. Who hasn't dreamt of spending a day in bed, naked with several pounds of bacon? But we've got a little thing called THE WILL TO FUCKING LIVE!!! She's systematically cleaning out the potato chip ailses on the entire Eastern Seaboard. Nom nom nom. Shockingly, she lists eating, going to restaurants, and being fed as her hobbies. I guess walkin, breathing, and being able to wipe your own ass aren't some of them. She's roped in some little 150lb chubby chaser named Phillipe to get the dirty work done down unda. Geesh. No doubt his co-workers laugh at that poor sap. I'll take the under on her reaching her kids 10th birthday.

make luuuuuuuv to the camera, baby...

I'm just gonna scoot down to the sore and grab aaaallll the potato chips..


  1. allz i eat is bacon bro lay off

  2. Who cares. It's not you. You're not legally obligated to come home to her, caress her, make love to her, or clean the grease out of her fat folds... So lighten up, it could be worse.

  3. Maybe I'm into fat asses. Maybe I fantasize about tidee humping this bitche's fat wrist folds. Maybe this post is meant to throw everybody off my fat loving trail.

  4. shes going for 1000lbs; shes currently at 600...