Monday, March 22, 2010

Day Won

Aaaaaaand....we're off. Cycling season started for me last weekend because of the flat surf. One day on the saddle so far and the legs felt great spinning along. This now means several months of pain, spandex, grueling hill climbs, and yelling at dickhead motorists. Awesome!

Attempted muay thai clench to crappy spinning back fist at :37...


  1. two dudes I could actually beat up. ...fighting eachother... AMAZING!

  2. also, re: dickhead motorists-
    I've given up on riding bikes on roads for work on sunny days, drunk cruisin on the bike path, bmx STREET_STUNTIN to the bar and back; sure. But now that I've found MTBKNG, the biggest concern I have is horseshit... F all that other noise!