Tuesday, April 26, 2011

it's all over

They shut down the lifts on sunday so it's time to stow away the shred gear and finalize planning the vacation and surgery. My last good body part got crushed over the winter and needs rebuilding. Again. The left shoulder will undergo some arthroscopic bull shit leading to a lengthy recovery over the summer. I'm REALLY looking forward to some down time, physical therapy, and depression. I'm a better drinker when depressed anyway. Mountain biking will me put on hold in favor of road fagging since it will put less stress on my upper, left vagina. Before all this can happen though, it's time to head to Peru to catch up on some surf. Good surf. Left point breaks. Since I'm superior footed, I really like the lefts. My doc gave me some drugs to get me through the inevitable pain. Thank you very much, good sir. Time to burn this thing out. Adios biyatchez.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I love vans

Saw this van today and had to laugh since any Vanagon owner knows the feeling. These krautmobiles suck balls in so many ways. But it's nowhere near how rad they are. I miss mine. It would be great to have one as my second rig cuz they make great kitchens, surfboard quiver holders, beer coolers, tents, party huts, crash pads, hot boxes, reading chair, and everything else. YOu get to drive with 10 toes over and freeway merge downhill no greater than 31mph. Not to mention you can set up the work bench and get to scroggin anywhere you feel the urge.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I fucking love springtime in the mountains after a long winter of shred. It feels so good to get a bit of warm sun on the face and not freeze my balls off every second of every day. The snow goes off around 10:30 each day and there's a lot more chillin going down. The only retards left in town are season pass holders trying to get one last run on some broken down knees and chalk up another season.

I've had a wienerless winter until yesterday. It took me all winter long to finally get my first Irvings Red Hot of the season. They make a mean meat log.

Then it's on to mountain biking....which it looks like I'll be doing a shit ton over the next few months. I'm getting sucked into the vortex of death called MIDDLE AGE SKI/SURF/MTN BIKE BUM. The original plan was to spend the witner here then immediately get back to the rat race on the big city. But I'm getting amped on a summer in Idaho.

So after spending the month of May surfing Peru's bitchin lefts, I'm coming back and gonna break myself on a bike all summer long. That's right. A summer full of fighting, fucking, running, and smiling just like my bro Kyle Lightner advises. And THEN it's back to the Real World getting crushed by TPS reports, back pain, 2 margarita lunches, and Le Gout. Fuck you, gout.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

cold as fuck

Nearing the end of the season, Sun Valley shuts down the kiddie hill with the 2nd annual pond skim. I stopped by to check it out and I broke a hip and both arms. Good times.