Friday, July 12, 2013

Glory Days

And that is how a 3 day weekend is spent. I thought I was going to be car camping in Santa Cruz. Made a late decision to drive 4 hours farther to Santa Barbara and ended up at my friend's house on the hill. Mellow hurricane swell, bashed some holes in the board, went record shopping (didn't score), ate quality Mexican food, stopped by one of my favorite surf shops that doesn't exist anymore and it had nearly burnt own from a portable meth lab, and general hanging out drinking coffee and slapping high fives. Almost didn't come home. Why am I in Reno again?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Burning Man Special

Needs some minor TLC.
The roof, black, and grey water tanks leak.
Carpet is musty and smells like rotten cabbage (Think Kim Chee).
Engine needs a major tune. Barely fires up.
Entire exhaust system is screwed and rotted away.
Tires don't hold air and are completely dried out and cracked.
Electrical system is blown out.
All window either leak or are broken, and all seals leak.
Runs and drives great.
This ForeTravel (we call her 'ForePlay') is ready to roll. Will start right up and you can be on your way.
Comes with a free sundried tarp and tie down string.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I live in a desert

Damm it's hot, man. But it's a dry heat.

$99 Walmart A/C unit with $900 worth of Patagonia down jackets stuffed around it to create a nice, tight seal against the window.