Friday, July 12, 2013

Glory Days

And that is how a 3 day weekend is spent. I thought I was going to be car camping in Santa Cruz. Made a late decision to drive 4 hours farther to Santa Barbara and ended up at my friend's house on the hill. Mellow hurricane swell, bashed some holes in the board, went record shopping (didn't score), ate quality Mexican food, stopped by one of my favorite surf shops that doesn't exist anymore and it had nearly burnt own from a portable meth lab, and general hanging out drinking coffee and slapping high fives. Almost didn't come home. Why am I in Reno again?


  1. wait dude you go rackord shopping too?

  2. Nope, record shopping, bro. In the lower 805. Actually antique shopping and there was a crapload of good vinyl at the shop. Didn't score, but my buddy picked up Deep Purple's Made In Japan.

  3. we spell it rackords holmes

    googling it

    Only one I go into in Ventura is Grady's, and I never find anything for me. He's rad though. My sister-in-law's cousin ran that Buffalo Records but it's gone now. I haven't figured out the thriftz there yet, although I have bought some lame shirts from a couple.

    those are just some sentences in a row

    1. Those were neat sentences because I understood them. IS your caps key broken down?

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  5. looks like a serious been bomb went of in the lab