Sunday, March 24, 2013

We have liftoff

Big day today. After no sleep last night, I got a late start to working on the rig. I'm almost done sanding off the 12 layers of bondo, primer, paint, and silicone. A couple spots left to hit when the frame is removed. Then I fiberglassed over some weak spots and beefed up the door hinge vicinity. I managed to resin up my arm, which a little acetone cleaned right up. Then I puttied up & sanded down some holes that needed filling. And finally lifted the body off the frame. Just need to pull the tires off and drag the frame out to get a new axle/brake combo. While the frame is getting dialed in, I'll paint the bitch.It's amazing how little shit gets done over 6 hours of hard work.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Mellow Stoker

It looks like I'm stuck here in Reno for the time being since my days off aren't in a row. No way to leave town for a quick Santa Cruz surf. But today I ran across a gorgeous 4WD Starcruizer at Home Depot, scored some cheap materials for the trailer renovation, and stopped by my PO BOX on Stoker Ave and picked up my surf mag trifecta. Stoke meter gaining momentum.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

No shred today

Ripped this shit out today...

Trying to re-glass this flaccid corner...

And I erected this pole for roof support.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Steady as she goes...

Days are getting longer, so after work today I was able to drill out some rivets and rip out the kitchen cabinet and some trim pieces including the table support. The 40 year old wood (weiner joke here) was rather solid. Probably will just need to sand down some grime, then lay some fiberglass over it to make it solid for a few more decades. That's some good news. With everything new I rip out, another can of worms is opening up. I believe a couple more afternoons and the tear down will be complete. Then it't time for all the power tools and radnesss. I'm taking pics along the way so hopefully I can put everything in it's right place.

Friday, March 8, 2013

1975 Boler Remodel

This spring I'm tackling a remodel of my little Boler Trailer. What started as fixing a soft floor, is leading into pulling the shell off the frame and re-welding that rusty hunk of shit, adding a new axle, repainting, and possibly adding brakes too. While I've got everything torn down, I might as well re-fiberglass a cracked floor and add some support beams, rip out the insulation and put in new cleaner wall covering, tear out the broken fridge and replace with an icebox, drop in a stereo and upgrade the wiring, add LED running lights and blinkers, yank out and rebuild the jalousie windows and re-seal to keep nature outside, sand down the exterior and repaint, repaint the interior fiberglass, and reshape the front door to better fit the radius. Demo started earlier this week and should go on for the foreseeable future. Today during lunch, I ripped out the fridge. It's go time.