Friday, March 8, 2013

1975 Boler Remodel

This spring I'm tackling a remodel of my little Boler Trailer. What started as fixing a soft floor, is leading into pulling the shell off the frame and re-welding that rusty hunk of shit, adding a new axle, repainting, and possibly adding brakes too. While I've got everything torn down, I might as well re-fiberglass a cracked floor and add some support beams, rip out the insulation and put in new cleaner wall covering, tear out the broken fridge and replace with an icebox, drop in a stereo and upgrade the wiring, add LED running lights and blinkers, yank out and rebuild the jalousie windows and re-seal to keep nature outside, sand down the exterior and repaint, repaint the interior fiberglass, and reshape the front door to better fit the radius. Demo started earlier this week and should go on for the foreseeable future. Today during lunch, I ripped out the fridge. It's go time.