Tuesday, April 26, 2011

it's all over

They shut down the lifts on sunday so it's time to stow away the shred gear and finalize planning the vacation and surgery. My last good body part got crushed over the winter and needs rebuilding. Again. The left shoulder will undergo some arthroscopic bull shit leading to a lengthy recovery over the summer. I'm REALLY looking forward to some down time, physical therapy, and depression. I'm a better drinker when depressed anyway. Mountain biking will me put on hold in favor of road fagging since it will put less stress on my upper, left vagina. Before all this can happen though, it's time to head to Peru to catch up on some surf. Good surf. Left point breaks. Since I'm superior footed, I really like the lefts. My doc gave me some drugs to get me through the inevitable pain. Thank you very much, good sir. Time to burn this thing out. Adios biyatchez.


  1. While your under the knife, you should have your hog cut off an a vag crafted in there, you fucking PUSSY.

  2. those 5/500 vicodins aren't good to get high off. I have those, and my drug friends say the aspirinometiphen in there makes it so you can't get too blasted, lest ye damage your kidneys. I'll take one to ease pains, but they're not as good as the percosets.

    also yes, getapussy so you can fingerblast youreselv etc

  3. I hear Peru has some amazing numbing agents that cost around $10 per 8 ball if the 5/500 don't do the trick.