Sunday, May 1, 2011

the confusion sets in

Here I sit wobbly at my Motel 6 desk getting prepared for my flight out of reality at 9:21 am manana. I'm filled with Ambien and a tall tin can of the High Life. Plus a little background vicoden, all for medicinal purposes. The Ambien is really taking a firm grip on my synapses and I'm moments from sleep. But before I'm out and therefore off, I just want to post up a couple randoms from the last few days of surf and chill in Santa Barbara. Coming back here has been great. It's just an amazingly beautiful area with beaches, wind, sun, nature, and a few good people. Quitting my rotten desk job last year has been great and I have no regrets. It's been a long time since i've felt so alive. I'm chasing a bunch of experiences that I've always wanted to check out. And it's been wonderful to see and do all these things on my "list". I've et some rad people along the way and keep in touch with several that I really cherish.

Some of the shit is a little peligro, but I'm no hellman. Just a pussy really. The injuries, surgeries, and antibiotics speak for themselves. Rebuild me so I can come back bigger, faster, stronger, poorer, and doughier. At least I (temporarily) have the balls and curiousity to check shit out and steer WAAY clear of the cliche bullshit life. I'm super confused about what I want to do with my life, yet I'm 100% confident in the way to proceed through life. It's a little lonely at times, but it usually works out when I least expect it.

Ryan Lovelace is one of my favorite success stories and he barely knows it. He shapes surfboard without ego or limitations like most old shapers. Maybe it's because he's 24 going on 25. After a recent business learning experience he's setting up shop in an awesome old greenhouse on an unbelievable property. As if he doesn't have enough legal and career headaches, he's gonna live my dream of fixing up an Airstream to live in and thrive closer to nature. Bueno suerte, amigo. You've got loads of work ahead, but you're well on your way while doing everything right. You'll have way less regret when you get to be my age.

Now I'm gonna roll off and into the sloth pit knowin that I'll never run into Bin Laden in any dark ally.

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  1. watch out, the brown recluse is on the move. jah speed Dr!