Saturday, May 7, 2011

the hand of god


Final preperations were made to begin the real surfing leg of this vacation. Including one last visit to admire the Itzhak Rabin statue at Itzhak Rabin Parque. It's on top of the big ass cliffs that overlook the beaches of Mira Flores. In order to reach the beach, I had to climb down some winding stairs and across a pedestrian bridge. I was surprised to see a park dedicated to a Jew in a highly Catholic society. It had to google it to make sure it was the same Itzak Rabin.

Then, after spending the rest of the day on the sight-seeing double decker bus, eating at KFC, and getting jacked up on Starbucks, I taxi'd over to the Bus Staion so I could embarque. We lined up for the slaughter, and I settled in for a long 12 hours.

I sat next to this little lady. God bless her soul. She looked scared shitless the whole time, like when you see someone freak out on an airplane. She didn't stop praying the entire time. Excpet when I snapped this pic of my five head and her resting her rosary praying thumbs. Amazingly we arrived an hour earlier than I thought...thank you baby jesus.

I'd like to give my traveling partner all the credit for some excellent praying because we made it in safe and sound. I slept for maybe 3 or 4 hours, but it was good. Stoked to get into town and find a deal at Hotel Los Faroles. And it sits directly under the outstretched left hand of Jesus Christ himself.

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