Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jedi Travel

Holy shit, I used the wrong travel agent. Who knows where I'd be and how I got there if I'd booked through Jedi Travel. But I made it here anyway. After a mellow 4:30 am drive from Santa Barbara to LAX I hopped on Copa Air's Millenium Falcon for 10 hours and arrived in Lima. It's fucking perfect here. Not too hot/not too cold. Not sunny/sunny enough. Love this place already. Today I'm a Got up at the crack of 10 and cruized down to the center of Mira Fores for my morning up of Loudmouth Stew at Starbucks. People watched, ate some pizza, then went for a surf. Nothing to write home about, but fun none the less. My upper left vajayjay seems to be holding up. The paddle out wasn't tough by any means, but there were some duck dives and lots of paddling involved. Right now I'm staying in a room for $30 that has hot water, cable TV, a comfy bed, and internets. That's too much. Way too much. Tomorrow I'll need to figure out which overnight bus to Pacasmayo I need to take. Then it's north, for the real part of this dirtbag, sloth vacation.

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