Sunday, May 29, 2011

this is the end

Last day of living the dream today. Tomorrow I head back to LAX and points yonder. It was my last opportunity to wander around buying up South American treasures and have zero responsibility. After sleeping in late, I left my Hotel Inkawasi and headed downtown with a few leftover Peruvian Soles burning a hole in my pocket.

Stopped for a bacon, avo, chicken breast, tomato, mozarella, 3 dollops of ketchup, and peach slices sando with a side of fries.

Strolled past some mellow graffiti.

Giggled past The Weiner University. They spelled it wrong, by the way.

And found some stoney fishes and flowers.

All of this on my way to chill around Parque Kennedy in downtown Mira Flores.

On my way back, I felt the need for one last look at the big ass church. And then I slowly wandered back to my room to get ready for a 7am flight. Gotta get my head back in the game starting in the next few days.


  1. Rock on, El Hefe! I'm glad you made that trip, especially since I don't go anywhere at this point in my life, so I'm living vicariously through you. What a cool trip! And welcome home (once you get back here).