Tuesday, May 10, 2011

food Vanagon


Alright, so it's not really a Vanagon, but it's still pretty cool. An old, 60's split window VW with wrap around rear windows, some kind of bubble top, a flip open side, a built-in barbeque inside, and 4 stools for you and your amigos to post up outside. I'm not sure what kind of mobile street food dude was selling, but it was definitely ultra sketch. Most of the so-called "food" around hyar, even the "restaurant" food is just terrible. At one great, little restaurant I met the owner who has most surf videos pirated and he sells them for $5 sols. That about $1.50 US Dollar. Picked up a couple I've been meaning to score. SO that's nice. I've been eating a lot of cebiche, which is supposed be incredible in Peru. Whoever tells you that is a vindictive, motherfucking LIAR. It is quite possibly the foulest, fishiest tasting fish crap ever. I'm done with it. I've given it a shot and it just didn't pan out. Gonna stick with the chaufa which is some Asian style fried rice concoction and it's everywhere. It's tollerable. Cheap, too. Surf was not very good today....again. Urge to kill rising. Stay tuned. Rage level building.

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