Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hypochondriac For Life

Just when I start whining about my immune system that's filled with AIDS and Ebola, I hear news that makes me think my life ain't so bad. Back in Sun Valley Idaho, there's a benefit tonight for a friend's brother who's battling a systemic infection. Dude had some crippling back pain that got extreme, called 911, got MRI, found pockets of infection, life flighted to Boise, CT scan found six more pockets of death. 7 surgeries later and 2 months bedridden in hospital on IV antiobiotics he's escaped death so far. The more I read about Staph infections the more I'm freaked out. Don't fucking touch me...any of you filthy creeps. HFL bitch.

Oh, and it looks like we might get some really fun sized waves out there the next few days. Let's party...from a distance.

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