Monday, March 15, 2010

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Vegas is such a horrible rotten shithole. I really hope I never go back there for any reason ever again. No need for me to head to a desert to prove I can drink 43 gallons of booze. No necessito. I am pefectly able to get wasted and hork the goofball off some skanky hooker's ass crack here in Santa Barbara, if that's really what I need to do. So last summer, instead of wasting my dinero the old fashioned way, Indian Casinos, I decided to get a little more serious with the real casino...Wall Street. Lots of shit hitting all time lows equals lots of opportunity. Plus I had plenty of time for researching at my desk. I've been on a decent roll with a bunch of buying low/selling high. All just plain luck, really. Today, via Quiksilver, I've cashed out my chips with enough to cover both of 2010's surf vacations to Mexico and Bali, and I'm pretty stoked. These trips ain't nothing extravigant. Just dirtbaggin surf trips to get my wiggle on in tropical waters. Now it's time to parlay that shit? The Chumash tonight? Who's holding?


  1. i clicked on that bali photo and realized after 10 minutes i'd been locked into a dead-pan, glazed-over, hypno-tized like stare into the displays in the corner of my cube...