Wednesday, March 17, 2010


You wanna read a wicked funny tale about how some folically challenged, lactose intollerant, east coast BMX asshole heads west and ends up marrying a human female, sprouting 2 rats, and living the dream running a worldwide snowboard conglomerate? Click the linkage below. Maybe if you don't know him, you won't find it as funny as I did. During 2000-2003, he was the comedy show at Northwave North America (in it's prime). I think he was technically my boss. Maybe it was Gumby. Fuck I don't know. I was up to my broken collar bone in warranty issues, Phenix jackets, and booze. So it's all kind of a blur. I had what some would call a "breakdown", but I prefer to call it a sabbatical. I quit the jobby job, left Seattle, and drank...oops, I mean surfed...heavily in Costa Rica for 3 months. And now, here I am. All better.

I only have this picture of Yo. He'sthe one in the middle.


  1. is this pic really necessary? yeesh hahaha

  2. Holy shit that guy if fucking shredded wheat. Them hoe's must of instantly ripped that speedo down and sucked him off as soon as the camera guy turned around. Shit, he's making me tingle all over.


  3. Dude,
    If you don't make ALOT better use of this pic....I will.


  4. Yah Punkinhead! How's the midwest lifestyle treatin ya?

  5. Glad I got outta there when I did. Too many gun laws. Here I can pack on the lbs and all I do is blend in.
    Hitting up Stephens next weekend to try and keep up w/ Milo and Mac.