Tuesday, March 9, 2010

one week to go

There ain't shit going on today. Just sunny and windy. After an incredible 2+ month run, the surf's been laggin for a few weeks now. They've postponed the Rincon Classic a few times already trying to find a decent swell window. Wind and weather have been screwing up anything that's been coming through. We're gonna need something STAT before everybody starts freaking again. Including me. The crowds have been huge this winter. And it seems like these crowds have no respect for each other. Just a little bit would be nice. I've been surfing some less-inhabited, shitter waves to avoid the bullshit as much as possible. Sometimes it's impossible to get away from. I'll take shittier waves and less clowns. Spring is almost here, though. Day light savings time is next week, which means tons of after work surf. Most of the a-holes will be "over it" soon. And we'll get plenty late winter peelers. It's gonna be fun.


  1. there is way too much positivity in this post, regardless of the glimmers of hate...

  2. the ying to the yang, buddy. the struggle between love/hate.