Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Carma's a bitch

Fuckin road rage man. One day I'm killing things above my buddies no-fly zone, the next day some asshole tries to run me off the road. He came out of nowhere and was hauling ass in the emergency lane on the drivers side. I noticed him when my ass end broke loose a little. He had clipped my back left bumper. It was definitely intentional. I have no idea what it was about but he was flippin his lid when he swerved around me and passed me on the right. Now here's the problem....I've got his license number and description. I called the California Highway Fuzz and they said it's just an insurance issue since nobody was hurt. So if I contact my insurance, I've got all kinds of hassle for a minor repair. I'm not even sure I want to dick around with it. Fuck.


  1. Rubbin's commuting, buddy. Don't step in the marina if yer yacht ain't ready.

    "no blood no foul" doesn't surprise me, unfortunately...Ponch'n'Johns letting us down, again. At least you weren't riding a bicycle...if you were, it'd've been your fault..."rogue cyclist" etc

    looks cosmetic, though. That thing's still drivable to the lesbian bar. Praise Timberlake and roll on!

  2. on the rill:

    make sure to include that you're pretty sure you saw him waving a gun...that makes it harder for them to avoid dealing with.

    Kinda pussy, but it works...he probably does have a gun, too...

  3. Amen, A-Man. Where is this lesbian bar you speak of?

  4. Yeah that'll buff right out... merely a flesh wound, bird killer.

    nice new color scheme btw

  5. what else are you doing at work?

    that guy's banking on it being minor enough for you not to care. I you tell the chp as he drove by he was waving his arms and said i'm gonna kill you. it would make angry driver's day.

  6. you find out where he lives...then go from there.

  7. I'm with Gilda. That's when it helps to have a friend or relative at DMV. We had the latter, but she retired last year so I can't help you. But I'm sure there is someone out there who can.

  8. Had the same issue a few years back. Sparky didn't take into account that it was on the way to work and that we may see him every morning at the same time, same place.
    Saw him in the middle of the day walking, figured he lived close by and wouldn't be back for a bit. Drove around til I found his bucket.
    No damage....just a note. Haven't seen him since.

  9. Maybe I should tell The Fuzz he was wearing a towel on his head, screaming Jihad, and waving an AK. Or maybe I should just ninja some dents upside his rig late one night. But I really don't care enough. I've been getting plenty o' surf so I'm not all aggro right now. Maybe later this week.