Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Pecker

Today is saturday and it's stormin norman out there. Not really rideable conditions. Plus the water was shit brown and smelt like AIDS. It was a good day to just sleep in, catch up on some errands, go on tsunami watch, hit the gym to get buff, and kill some woodpeckers. Time to ruin some woodpecker's day. They're fuckin up my buddy's barn. I felt I owed it to him to protect his stuff from this scourge from the sky. It's an old barn that can't protect itself. Over the years, they're riddled the thing with holes. It's structural integrity is in serious question. So he's decided to go on the offensive and a couple months ago he went to the gun store. I think he picked up the most expensive pellet shooter in history. Big ass scope and all. Technically, it might not be a "firearm", more like a high-powered pellet gun since it's inside city limits. But it was super fun none the less. We each scored one kill before it got too dark. Many more to come. I'm gonna start scratching our kills into the barn like WWII fighter pilots.

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