Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Expedition 2013

There's been this big honkin truck over at our neighbor in the business park. It was just the frame and cab of a 4wd diesel Iveco looking rig. I've been thinking it would make an incredible sabbatical rig for 2013. You know, that's the year I quit the world for several months so I can drop out, surf, and grow facial hair. The truck's been gone for a few weeks and I had completely forgotten about it. Until today. The rig is back. But it now has the mobile stabbin cabin/butt hut mounted on the frame that I've been dreaming of. Holy Shhhheeee-iiiit! The only things that seems to be missing is the board racks and gun mounts. I'd love to cruise that thing from Alaska to Chile at a very slow pace.It's full titties, man. Except for the stupid squiggly paint things on the side.

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