Monday, February 15, 2010

Good people gone

Last friday a drunk driver killed one of the raddest dudes I've barely known. I met Avi Schaefer through my martial arts gym where he came in last year and taught a Krav Maga series. My knee still hurts from being a test dummy. He was a twin to Yoav. They were both part of Isreali Defense Force even though they came from a comfortable life here in California. They was no need for them to get involved and risk their lives. 3 years in a war zone is not my idea of coasting through life. Why not just safely sit around in America? Because they both felt the duty to serve and try to make the world a better, safer place. He was a man of action not words. I'm sitting at my desk right now watching a live webcast of the funeral and absolutely blown away at the things he accomplished in such a short life. Avi was a solid human being with the most amazing energy surrounding him. There was going to be great things out of him. So mellow, intelligent, calm, and peaceful at only 21 years old. Yet that skinny, wirey dude could rip an arm out in 23 different ways. When I was 21 my accomplishments involved burning down an apartment and carving apples into pipes. Avi was one of the good people. He was destined for greatness and was going to bring positive changes to the world. Instead it's just another shitty drunk driving death.

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