Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb Won

Today marks the 2 month aniversary since the death of TV in my life. It's been a long road to recovery, and I'm still a long ways from being well. Two months is a long time to live without the sweet radiation of Mother Television. In that time I've missed so much incredible shit. I have no idea what's happening in the Road Rules Challenge. Who's winning Flava of Luv? What's the fuck's going on with Steven Segal, Lawman, man? What ridiculous funny shit is Jeff Lewis pulling now? I also missed 47-year-old Heisman Trophy Winner Herschel Walker beat the crap out of some 26-year-old Hungarian bastard. After checking out the highlights, I'm not sure if it was an exciting fight. The crowd sounds like they're booing or moaning or farting or something. I dunno. But it does mean that Old Man Walker will fight again. And he'll have to move up to a tougher opponent. Which in turn means there's a chance of some sort of Joe Theisman incident where a coked up Lawrence Taylor snapped his leg. Jesus, I hope I get cable by then.

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  1. I'm considering getting cableteevee to watch Junior Seau re-do MTV sports...he's like trying all sorts of whatever. I'm sure he'll attempt a giant surf tow-in or snowdoublecork or something soon...

    mM: part of the night shift for the past five years. I've never seen Lost. TeeVee is not worth it. Fuck it.