Friday, February 5, 2010

lightly heavy

This weekend's gonna be interesting...A little while ago I got a random message out of the blue. The shitbag lady that killed my sister in 1996 via drunk driving is going to be released from prison next month. I think I'm supposed to be pissed off, but I honestly don't give a rats ass. I don't care if she was in jail or out/alive or dead. Doesn't mean jack to me. I'm completely at peace and found some good out of this. Otherwise it was bound to destroy me. Back in 97 or 98, I flew over from Idaho to attend the weeklong trial in Portland. It was an amazingly stressful and heavy thing. Originally, thanks to Oregon's Ballot Measure 94 and a really great lawyer, she was sentenced to a crapload of years with a mandatory minimum of 17 years. Meaning she would serve at least 17 years. I guess when laws are passed a few years later they get changed again. By the time her sentencing came around I was begining the process of "being over it". Nothing's gonna change what happened and bring my sister back, so I'd already started channeling my energy away from it. Hate robs a tremendous amount of positive energy away from you. It's way easier to spread love. It takes way too much focus to maintain a grudge...unless it's against Chad Motherfucking Barnes. That dude was my best bro when my sister was dying. He knew what was going on and decided it was the perfect time to steal all kinds of shit from me while I was gone and my house was empty. I will always hate him, this I promise you. I wish prison AIDS upon him.


  1. You've got the right attitude. Whether this woman stays in prison or gets out doesn't bring your sister back. And you can't spend your life full of hate. It will eat away at you. (Well, I do agree that this Chad dude is an asshole among men.) Do what you gotta do to keep yourself happy and healthy. Stay strong!

  2. Only two things are powerful enough to overcome hate. One is positivity. the other a great mash-up.