Sunday, August 7, 2011

Red Warrior

Posts are few and far between cuz I'm not tied to a stupid desk wasting away. Been spending my days riding bikes and recovering from that surgery. Last week Sushi James and I rode one of my favorite trails in the Sun Valley area, Fisher Creek. You just cruise up double track for about 7 miles of mellow grinding. Then you get some kick ass butter smooth, banked downhills followed by a milkshake at Smiley Creek. It's hands down, the easiest uphill for the best downhill. Then yesterday I blew up my lungs on Red Warrior here in Ketchum. I hadn't ridden this one for 10 years and forgot how fucking awesome it is. It's a motherfuck of an uphill that required some pushing and a couple bails on my part. We had a gigantic fire up here in 2008 where most of the forests burned. On these rides we've ben going through acres of dead, black trees with incredibly green undergrowth. The contrast doesn't really show up in the pics, but whatever. Then it follows a creek all the way down with tons of bitchin creek crossings, switchbacks, and high speed rollercoasters. There's been a ton of thunderstorms the last week so it's made the trails incredible right now. Tacky and grippy. I got caught in one massive electrical storm right at the peak of a mountain in the middle of a great ride earlier in the week. After I soiled myself, I regrouped and raced down the hill after the hail had stopped while thunder cracked all around. With my fake hip, I've wondered if I attract lightening a little more than most. It would be rad to be great at attracting something. At the end of that Red Warrior, there's no bridge so you have no ther choice but to ford through the aptly named Big Wood River. Cuz I've got big wood for my life right now. I'm fucking loving the mountains, mountain biking, Idaho, and working at night. But it's got come to an end soon and get back to the real world. Broken bones, bitterness, and shattered dreams here I come!

I feel like both of these two at the same time....


  1. Love Fisher Creek! Its a must ride everytime I am in the area!

  2. Yah mang, let me know if you're up here and wanna ride.