Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stanley Cup

Ketchum, Idaho is a hockey town. Lots of midwest transplants round these parts dropping shoulders everywhere. Our local hockey team, The Sun Valley Suns, used to have a dude named Beets play for them. Beets is now the assistant equipment manager for the Boston Bruins, who won the Stanley Cup last year. So he gets to spend a day or two the the cup and do whatever he wants. Dude wants to bring it here to Ketchum and we all get to rub up against it. Sounds like it will be spending time a the restaurant I work at because the owner is a big Suns jock strap, ooops I mean he's a supporter, a Sun Valley Suns supporter. I hope to fill The Stanley Cup with burgers or dough nuts, as suggested by Bill Dough. The whole town is abuzz about this cuz we're a small town and there's not much to do at night except booze it up. Yah! Stanley Cup!

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