Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Man oh man was Facedildo and my phone blowing up today with scary shit going down on the Oregon Coast. I'm friends with this chick named Becca Cundari. I went to to high school with her. Her husband, Spencer was sweeping the ocean today when some broad right next to him was attacked by a shark basically in downtown Seaside. Apparently he slung her over his barge and swept his way to shore getting an incredible core workout and working on his balance. I'm pretty sure he's the dude holding the normal sized surfboard at :30 in the news video. The vid seems to be taken from 36 miles away so i's hard to see what's going on at all. Anyway, until we rid the ocean of these fucking devil creatures, this will go on forever. Sharks win again.


  1. I've never seen Jaws. But it looks like I gotta see Jaws 2.

    Were these considered good movies? Looks fucking stupid.

    Also Mr Cuntari gots the sick bullhorns and Most Difficult diamond sign in the garage.

  2. Obviously, he's EXTREME dude. Indoor woodpile and Most Difficult.