Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jimmy Busey

While in dirty old Mexico last April, we made an afternoon pitstop to el dentisto for mi amigo Jimmy Robb. Dude needed some work done on his chompers and apparently Mexican dentists are having a 80% OFF SALE everyday. Plus we needed some pharmaceuticals stat. So Jimbo took one for the team, sat under some duct taped machines, got drilled, and had some fairly sketchy medical procedure for the benefit of the group. Now that he's back home in Porkland, he's having more work done. He wants to look more like the sexy Gary Busey. It's coming along incredibly. I'll try to find the Mexican waiting room and "before" pics tonight.

I am a patient boy, i wait, i wait, i wait

He's the one they call Dr Feelgood
He's the one that can make you feel alright


  1. Was it just an afternoon pit-stop? I swear it felt like a whole day... way more than just a three hour tour!

    What about the pics of the writing in the dust on the Expedition we discovered while waiting outside the dr. office.... that was some funny shiz

  2. With the crappy pills we got, it seemed like days.