Thursday, June 13, 2013


From this....

To This....


  1. I'm kinda into this.

    Has it been worth it? Or is it like all these other projects I see that when it's over dude's like "fuck--I shoulda just bought a new one"?

    But I'm hyped on driving around and sleeping where you get and then doing something there and then jamming away in your vehicle etc

  2. I'd keep focusing on this money-pit and pay someone to conduct the tranny-service--looks way more rewarding.

  3. At first it was fun demo-ing shit the rig and getting rid of jenky 35 year old parts. Now progress is slow slow and tedious but epic. It's gonna be exactly the way I want it when I'm done. Couldn't buy one this way, so it's definitely worth all the pain and anguish. Not to mention all the cuts and glued-together-eyelids. It isn't very expensive when you're dealing with 40sq feet.

    Paid to have the tranny flushed ystrdy. Took them 20 minutes what could've taken me 3 weeks. Shifts like buttah.