Monday, November 25, 2013


In case you're wondering what happened and why I haven't posted squat since I left for Kuta a couple months ago, there really isn't any good reason other than an epic run of surf the entire time I was in Bali. Everyday after surfing 5+ hours, I was exhausted and stuffed my face with fruits and delicious food, laid around trying to keep in the shade, and/or slept. It's kind of how I've been feeling about this "blog" for the last year or so. A lot of uninteresting, exhausted ideas about stupid shit that happened to me. Or whatever I had an opinion on for that day. My daily life isn't filled with as many interesting situations, funny scenarios, sales meetings, anger, or rage as in the past, which was why I started writing this shit down in the first place. Or typing it. It's gotten boring and some kind of "dear diary". This all started to kill some time when I had a great desk job, I got paid well, weird shit happened, met interesting people, was on the road a few times a month hitting all surf shops from Santa Barbara to San Diego, and I didn't really do much except hang out all day. I'm not good a committing, but I THINK this is the end of the road for this blog. Have fun out there. Jeff.


  1. dude where am I going to get my surf stoke from now?

  2. your dmv rant is what got me hooked.good luck i'm happy the therapy worked and us out here in the blog world could help.thanks

  3. I enjoyed the ride Jeffe- I guess I will have one less blog stop before I surf porn- so sad.