Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Getting old can suck a fat one. My L 4/5 disc is a gigantic pussy. It's as strong as wilted celery. The fucking thing originally blew up on me way back in 07 or 08 and I gobbled pills for many months before it finally went dormant. Last sunday it decided to reignite my sciatica, only this time on the left side of my decrepid old, piece of shit body. I'm attacking it with heavy doses of accupuncture, electro stimulation, cupping, slothing, and advanced reverse stretching crap. It's a non-stop battle each and every day just to be able to walk and stand upright.


  1. Oh, man!! I'm sorry your back is throwing a fit, Hefe. Get better! It's time for you to go out and shred the gnar again!

  2. May I suggest an addiction to Oxys?
    Sorry Glassness.