Wednesday, February 29, 2012

best week ever??

This is turning out to be one of the best weeks of the year here in Ketchum, Idaho. First of all, winter came back last night and it's puking snow. Pow, bitches! And second of all, the motherfucking NBS has taken over. The National Brotherhood of Skiers picked Sun Valley, Idaho for their 2012 mini summit group convention thing. They're the best ski group ever. We're way to familiar with old, white douchey skier motherfuckers in this town. Now it's time to bring the fun, and furs, back to skiing.


  1. They came to Steamboat when I was there. Funniest fucking shit ever watching em occupy the Inferno and dancing. Holla!

    1. Mother Fuckin' Tim. Morherfuckin' Ed. "Chill. Fuck bitches."

  2. Oh, and they were cheap as fuck too.

  3. I've been in Whistler for Blacks and also for Gays. Neither of them could really make too much difference in Whistler.

    I have nothing to say. Lemme know when there's a GayBlackWeek?

  4. Dude, how is your back?

  5. Yah, they were in SV back in 98 and kicked ass then too. Dancin, drinkin Hennesey, and laughing at Idaho. I was on a chairlift yesterday with a couple black dudes and one asks the other..."which runs you ben on". Dude answers...."making the BLAAAACK diamonds blacker".

    My back is gettin better, thanks. Been doing all kinds of silly stretches and excercises. Can't sit around and complain.