Thursday, October 11, 2012

short timer

Time for The World's Greatest Roommate to mosey on down the road. After living in my trailer for a couple months, I've been in my new home for less than 4 weeks. My shit is barely unpacked, I'm sleeping on a Coleman inflatable mattress, and I'm generally running a bit ragged. Today my roommate confirmed that he's accepting some killer job offer in Michigan and he's hitting the road at the end of the month. Super stoked for him, but dammit I'm back to scramble mode. Living in turmoil must be where I thrive because that's where I constantly find myself. Maybe I should get better roommates. Or maybe I should find a home base and buy something. Here's what I can remember off the top of my head...

541 TARN WAY...4 weeks 2012
Sawtooth National Forest...2012
Po Box 6878...2010
180 4th street #B...2010
811 West Montecito street...2010
Po box 865...2009
914 Junipero...2009
921 west pedregosa st...2008
Virginia Road...2007
Walnut Street...2007
po box 1174...2007
Calle Arena...2007
885 Park Ln...2007

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