Thursday, May 30, 2013

Catchin up

When I got home from Paris, I sat at my desk for a few days then had an instant 5 day weekend. Why not haul ass to Santa Brabra. Late on the drive south I almost drove off the road taking this pic.

I camped in my buddies Airstream that he parks on the back of his estate. The guest house is rented out to a crazy Australian dude. The main house was being used for the Memorial Day weekend by some dude from Taylor Made who brought his friends and family up for the holiday. He threw a party and somehow we were hanging out with Fergie's husband, Goldie Hawn's son, a nude statue model chick, and the chef from the French Laundry. I drank a lot of their wine.

There was way too much shit going on all weekend. But I mostly surfed. Surf surf surf. Surf surf. Surf. I saw this awesome Surf Pacer on the way back from Rincon one afternoon. And I also ran across another like-minded camper down by Mira Mar beach. Uhaul rented and sold a small fiberglass RV for a few years. I also went to a super-stoney styly surf movie premier. Seems like hair is taking over. I looked like a narc amongst all my longhaired friends. I didn't snap any pics at the flick cuz EVERYBODY else was bloggering away about it. You should check out Almost Cut My Hair at if you're into smooth riding and good vibes.

But then I needed to head back to good old Reno and finishing up the work on my trailer. As soon as I put this thing back together I'm free to go wherever I need. So I damm near glued my eye shut putting in the Reflectix insulation. It was a serious bitch, but it's done. I popped in a fiberglass patch over one vent hole and decided at the last moment to put a patch on another vent hole to clean up the visual. Too many vents on one side looks messy. So I screwed a chunk of plywood wrapped in wax paper to the inside. Then I took a thin patch of poly material and threw resin and loth over the outside. Lastly I screwed another waxpapered plywood to mash all that crap together. When it cures, I'll unscrew things and add another layer of cloth and resin.

Well, that's about it. Trailers, cars, and trailers.


  1. My wife has been on my ass to get a small camper. I showed her what you are doing and now I opened a can of worms! Headed to Encinitas this week for my first surf trip of season. Frothing like a grom!

  2. Yah bud, get after it. Small fiberglass campers are totally bitchin. You'll never spend another weekend at home. Winter or summer they rule. Your wife is obviously brilliant.