Thursday, May 9, 2013


What more could this dude ask for on my last night in London...The Fast and Furious 6 World Premiere. We were already spending the evening in Picadilly Circus anyway, why not lurk around and watch people freak out. Then ogle the slammed out Nissan Altima's and Hyundai Elantras. I like to think that I was sharing the same oxygen that The Rock and Vin Diesel were breathing. Who the fuck makes 3 Fast & Furious movies. They're up to #6 already? Sheesh. It was rad to board the Eurostar and haul ass towards easily the most beautiful city in the world. The architecture is so sensual and gorgeous. The art and music that were created here are incredible. We're in a hotel that's aging gracefully 1 block off the Champs Elysees that's fully designed with Art Deco doors, walls, swithces, and everything. Art Nuveau everywhere. I'm really diggin Paris, man. Quite a bit. For the last couple days I've forgotten that I live in Reno Nevada.

Vin Diesel's bald head is visible if you know where to look


  1. there's some science shit I remember that pretty much guarantees you're breathing some of the air of Caesar's last breath...with every breath you take.

    trip on THAT motherfucker!

    and yeah Paris is bomb etc (never been but comeon surely it is)

  2. tops machu picchu? same but different, 4sure eh!

    furiously fast 6, damn... good mini skirted Asians?