Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Groundhogs Day

Another resolution shoulda been to post some crap daily on the blog. But there just ain't any interesting shit going on around here. Every fucking day is the same and it's awesome...just not interesting.
-Wake up, scratch balls.
-Stumble across the street for a nice large Cup of Shut The Fuck Up.
-Put on the shred gear and go shooshing.
-Punch Ned Ryerson in the face.
-Come home and get horizontal.
-Head to work and sell meat.
-Add in a few days at the gymnasium, and there you have it....My Life in Idaho.

PS...I'm extremely hungover today thanks to that asshole Mr Rumpleminz. Nothing accomplished today except hours of slothing. Completely worthless.

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  1. you got a twitter, dude?
    this shit would fit right in!