Thursday, January 6, 2011


2011 has begun with boner chilling cold weather and no new snow. But the shredding is still decent. This mountain grooms acres and acres of terrain for cranking PSIA level 12 turns. We regularly see hard booters all over the place. Dildo Valley is their last stand. The Bowls are staying bumped out so it's time to head out-of-bounds where the shit is staying light and soft. Today is a day off due to a little calf strain. It happens to even the best. So I'll dwell on some New Years Resolutions for 2011. I've been really busy and I haven't even thought about them till today. Here's just a few....

Resolution #1...Score a Mossberg Tactical 590a1 12 gauge. I'm back in Idaho where weapons are cheap and plentiful. It's on.

Resolution #2...Figure out life. Simple enough.

Resolution #3....Ride a board at least 300 days.

Resolution #4...Move somewhere warm and surfy.

Resolution #5...Break out the DSLR more.

Resolution #6...Burn a stand-up paddle dork.

Resolution #7...Land a job I enjoy. All I wanna do is contribute and look forward to being at work. And make a little coin for ammunition and traveling.

That's enough for now.


  1. what's with the guns'n'ammo?

    backing the boardsports, capturing of images, travel, and contributing "something" to receive modest pay.

  2. This poast has inspired me to seek out deadly weaponry too. If you're stable enough for a blaster, so am I!

    regarding #6: saw a few wave janitors down in Ventura. They really are silly. Luckily, there were also plenty of stickers with a SUP-er's silhouette in a circle with the line through. Perhaps you can combine #1 with #6. And then take a pic of the corpse to tick the box for #5!

    I got solutions.

  3. Ooooh, good point A-Man. Like ducks in a pond.

    Bybs, don't hate the Mossberg. We're creaping towards 2012. You'll thank me when we're living like Mad Max and I can score water and Hot Pockets at will.

  4. Not quite the hammer from the tool box like a Mossy or an 870, but it looks fun.

    You also need to get some forward mount ops for that rifle. Scout style for quick acquisitions. There are people making dual role optics now to handle both longer engagement ranges and better viewing pleasure for CQB's.
    Of coarse, when the zombie hoards mass, batteries will be at a premium, so maybe you're probably better off practicing up w/ those iron sights. ;-D
    Thought about your sidearms yet?

  5. That's nice, but not very legal when I move back to CA. I like the stopping power of a nice .40 cal to neutralize any Zombie threat. But I'll probably go with the 9mm so I can stockpile rounds on the cheap.

  6. Would you believe sales on Glock 17's and 30 round mags are up? Way up.