Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Hiatus

The original purpose of this blog was to call bullshit on everything. And I had a job where I didn't have any real responsibility and I needed to kill some time while getting paid. There was a lot of random shit going on around me and I thought is was super funny. I seemed to have a camera handy often, too. So I'd snap a moment in time, work in some shitty Photoshop if needed, then add some words...and PRESTO, I've wasted 10 minutes of my day. To survive each day I'd combine that with Facebook, surfing the entire interwebs, message boards, YouPorn, and talkin shit on other blogs. Now I've come to stage where there isn't much anger, rage, or funny shit. Nothing much to see except snow. How many pictures of snow can one guy show? So what's the point? Why keep struggling to find something stupid to post up? I dunno. This blog is officially in the shitter. So I'm out! For now. Until something comes along and gets me stoked again.


  1. wow.

    the ol "I'm leaving forever" bit!

    I respect that. Consider youreselv unlanked.

  2. Later bud, thanks for the 3 years of stupid ass storys. Maybe Tonto will start a blog to replace what you had called

  3. Great Blog! Looking forward to many more.

  4. sometimes you must subscribe, even in the absence of content