Sunday, September 11, 2011

more #2 ahead

9-11 is quite a heavy day in America. It's also my birthday. Last year I had finally had it and dropped out. A couple major vacations and a move back to working nights set me free to shred 100+ days and be a giant flake. I was supposed to have figured out life over the last year then moved back to Santa Barbara for world domination. Shit didn't go as planned. A broken shoulder, super rad mountain chicks, and getting reintroduced to mountain biking changed the plan. Or what it getting reintroduced to chicks and super rad mountain bikes? Whatever. So today officially begins year #2 of the Mid-Life-Crisis World Tour. This time I fuckin mean it. No fucking around. In a couple weeks I'll be taking some time off and driving around the western US....the Portland/Santa Barbara/Idaho triangle. I'm looking forward to surfing Mira Mar and Rincon, biking, getting weirded out on the open road, urban car camping, business planning, slapping high fives, strong ass coffee, 3000+ miles driven fast, teryaki, and sleeping on beaches. And scoring a jobby job for the transition back to SB STAT!

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  1. Bro,make sure you post every second so I can continue living thru you.If you need a place to check out near the Quetzalcoatl return hit me up.