Tuesday, September 20, 2011

poor stitching

I really wish summer and fall lasted longer in the mountains. The nights are getting cold and the leaves are changing. Before we know it, we'll have our first snow of the season. Get me the hell outta here before that happens. I need to be somewhere else so I don't break my shit snowboarding. I feel myself getting more and more brittle every day. I'm almost like Samuel L Jackson's character in the M Night Shamalam's super hero movie...the dude who couldn't walk without breaking a toe. I need to be somewhere warm and surfy anyway. Actually, it doesn't need to be warm, just surfy.


  1. looks like you may have been hopped up on Big Boi Tequilla and juiced on Lidocaine when you stitched that pano up...


  2. I believe you have remarked some very intriguing details , thankyou for the post.