Friday, November 18, 2011

it's cyclical

Finally got some mountains in the Pacific NW opening up for the winter. Facedildo is lighting up today with several asshole's pics coming in from Baker. Meanwhile, around here, we're sitting on a solid cold ass month of non-stop manmade snows, and a couple days of natural shit mixed in. At this very moment we're getting one of those unexpected massive dumps after a beautiful, blue-sky morning. On my way to the gymnasium at about 10am today, our mountain looked gorgeous. Locked and loaded. Ready for blast off. But nope, we won't get our lifts going till the 24th, Turkey Day....the best eating day of the year. Next to Halloween, one of my favorite holidays to make a complete ass outta myself. It's where you're expected to stuff your piehole, sleep, watch football, drink, eat more, drink more, then tackle & tickle the ones you love. Then repeat all the way till mid April. Ahoy!

And in honor of all the snow coming down in the Northwest, here's one of my favorite movie scenes of all time...

And another classic...

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  1. Since you surf , contact to demo a snowskate (if u haven't tried one) they're located in CDA. Kev