Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm Lovin It

Drove like a jerk through a raging blizzard in Southern Idaho and especially going over Rattlesnake Pass into Utah just to get to Salt Lake City before they closed the road. Passing semi's all sketchy style and shimmying around weaving in and out of traffic in the all wheel drive Lezmobile. Damn near met Cyber-bro Forrest if we hadn't been delayed getting out of Ketchum. Then dorked around the trade show yesterday slapping high fives. I broke my New Years resolution, but it was inevitable. I wasn't going to give nuggs all year. You know, the faggoty fist pump thing that all white people use now. The second I saw some suit-and-tie-wearing douchey Republican Candidate use I knew it was time to stop it in 2012. Well I ran into Mother Fucking Ed from Thule and immediately broke my promise to myself. Such a failure. At around 2pm, I finally checked my phone that I was ignoring, and the news that Sarah Burke had died was all over the nets. Kinda teared up a bit for someone I never knew, never met, and never followed until she smacked head in a half pipe. I feel so bad for her family and people who loved her, who I imagine had decide to give up and pull the plug due to lack of blood to the brain. Been there and felt life slip away from a loved one and it's a miserable feeling that's been with me ever since. Life is incredible and should be lived to it's fullest every day. Just a really sad story. I regrouped, cleaned myself up, and threw out a few more high fivers to old snow bros then stopped at In-N-Out in Centerville before we drove north into another fucking shitstorm of snow to make it back for 18inches of fresh pow on top of 8 inches yesterday which was on top of 5 from the day before. This is SUN Valley, not Mt Baker, we don't get it stacked up like that very often. It urned into an all-time pow day today. It was worth every second to get back home. Good things lay ahead.



    I had my Fist Bump Realization Moment last month, when I saw the interracial couple on Storage Wars: Texas do it constantly. They had the fingersplosion outro too. Shit's absolutely unacceptable. Consider fist bumps banished to the top shelf in my closet, along with those fedoras.

    Full disclosure: I was so stoked to see a friend in the Alpental BC yesterday that I think I may have fist bumped. It's a hard habit to break, but I am dedicated to stopping.

  2. What the heck are you listening to in the video?